When you head home from your trip to Colombia you want to return with a good story for the boys. They are going to want to hear about the wild, sex crazed Colombian woman who left nail marks down your back so deep it looks like you were attacked on your jungle tour.

To have the best chance with the Colombian women, head to these 5 Colombian cities to see that your cock spends more time out of your pants than in!

Starting with the best, the top 5 cities to meet women are:
1. Medellin
2. Cartagena
3. Cali
4. Bogota
5. Bucaramanga

Amen for Medellin

Amen for Medellin

Medellin – If you know of Colombia you probably know of the city where all females are models and have amazing arses that just the sight of induce orgasms!

To be honest it’s not quite like that, but it has certainly attracted that reputation for good reason. There are plenty of sexy women and furthermore, it’s not hard to meet them. With the perfect year round climate it’s the ideal location to base yourself to have a great “Colombian experience”.

Medellin warrants an article all of it’s own so I’ll write a separate post on the best ways to pick up in this great city.


Cartagena – hot weather and horny women

2. Cartagena – The warm weather seems to have made women here very sexually active.

Being extremely direct when approaching women is very acceptable and most put out on the first date… amen! Women here are open to being approached in nearly any location such as in the Plaza De La Trinidad, at the beach, in bars, at the gym… it’s basically open season!

Cartagena is also very touristy so along with the frisky locals there are a lot of tourists coming and going which means there is a never ending list of opportunities.

It also has the added benefit of being located close to Barranquilla which is 2 hours away by bus. Barranquilla doesn’t have much to attract tourists, but the women are tall, gorgeous and are nearly as easy as the women in Cartagena.

I found it most enjoyable and profitable to base myself in Cartagena and use Tinder to line up women in Baranquilla. Working both cities at the same time will see you busier than a cleaner at a German scheisse party.

Cali - dance your way into the their pants

Cali – dance your way into the their pants

3. Cali – If you can dance salsa then bring a truckload of rubbers with you because you’ll need them.

Cali is the salsa capital of Colombia and going out dancing to the salsa bars will have you seeing more Colombian women than a breast screening clinic.

Even though I didn’t know how to dance, every time I went out to bars I found it extremely easy to meet women. Just simply going up and asking if they want to dance is an easy ice breaker and it’s perfectly acceptable to do so.

There are quite a few salsa schools in the city and most hostels will also offer lessons. It really is worth learning a few steps, your cock will thank you later!

Bogota - lots of women = lots of opportunites

Bogota – lots of women = lots of opportunities

4. Bogota – Due to having a population of over 6 million people there are a lot of Colombian women to potentially meet. The downside, the weather is cold and gloomy and this has rubbed off on the women who are cold and hard to approach.

To pick up here it works best to meet at events where they are open to being approached. A good place to go is ‘Gringo Tuesdays’ at the bar La Villa. On a Tuesday night between 5:00 and 9:00 pm they have a language exchange and it is more than easy to meet multiple women.

Bucaramanga - you'll be the only gringo in town

Bucaramanga – you’ll be the only gringo in town

5. Bucaramanga – This is a bit of a hidden gem as hardly any tourists go here as there is nothing to do. That being said, it has it’s fair share of hot women who are also hot for some action. The best plan is to incorporate a few nights in Bucaramanga with your trip to San Gil.

San Gil is a popular little town amongst tourists and is known as the adventure capital of Colombia. The nearest airport to San Gil is Bucaramanga, or, if you’re going to San Gil by bus (from Medellin, Cartagena, Barranquilla or Santa Marta) you will pass through Bucaramanga.

Line up some dates in Bucaramanga via Tinder Premium before arriving and it will soon be one your favourite places in Colombia.

Until next time, Happy Colombian Hunting