Women love sex just as much as us men, they’re just a little more discreet about it.

In Colombia women are horny and will gladly have sex on the first date, they just don’t want to feel too easy or slutty about it.

To get them to put out on the first date there are is a simple process to follow to get you some Colombian style “sexual healing”.

Is sex on the first date really possible?

Yes. Although, there are some places where it will often be necessary for two dates.

As a general rule this is how many dates it will take to sleep with a woman depending on the city:

  • Cartagena – 1
  • Barranquilla – 1
  • Santa Marta – 1
  • Medellin – 2
  • Bogota – 1  (if met in person, 2 dates if met on the internet or an app such as tinder)
  • Cali – 1
  • Bucaramanga – 1

For some reason, the women in the cities where the climate is hotter are easier and more open to sex on the first date. If you’re going after the sexy upperclass women of Medellin expect sex on the second date. They like to kiss on the first date and then straight to the bedroom on the second date.

From Strangers To Fuck Buddies
– The Process To Follow –

Have a plan

Men in Colombia are chauvinistic and make the decisions. She will be expecting you to take the lead and act like a man. By already having a plan it will make it look like you make good, strong, clear decisions quickly and shows confidence which is always a panty wetter.

It’s all foreplay

For men foreplay is a quick squeeze of the tits and a flick of the clit. For women it’s a night long process starting from the moment you meet. Have it in your mind you’re seducing her from the first impression and the first word.

No dinner, just drinks

Skip dinner and just meet for drinks. Alcohol helps to make people feel relaxed, comfortable and also lowers inhibitions.

Let her do the talking

People feel most comfortable talking about themselves. Do this by focusing the conversation on her by asking questions about her. Not only will it make her feel comfortable, it’ll also show you’re interested in her. The more she feels comfortable with you, the closer you are to taking her pants off.

Bring your wallet

Be prepared to pay and don’t blink twice if she doesn’t even offer to pay a thing. This is Colombia, this can be normal. For me, 1 in 4 women didn’t offer to pay, for some guys it’s every woman!

You never know until you’re on the date so be prepared. An awkward moment when the bill comes can easily kill the mood ending your chances of sex on the first date, or ever!

Go to several locations

If you meet up and then hit her up for sex straight away she’ll feel you’re moving too fast. Jump this hurdle by going to several locations/bars on the one date.

This gives her the psychological sense that it’s more than just one date. It’s been said that every different place you go to on a date gives her the sense of another date. Three locations worked best for me.

Break the contact barrier

Always remember you’re with a Colombian woman. She is use to men being straight and going after what they want so be confident and make a move!

The move I most often made that worked well was to pull them in for an unexpected kiss on the way to the second bar.

Along the way when there aren’t many people around and it’s a little secluded pull them in by the hand and give them a kiss on the lips. Now you’ve broken the contact barrier it’s time to start working your hands over their body.

At the second bar, touch neutral zones and extend outwards from there, eg, start touching her knees and then a little higher up her leg. The next time you do it go a little higher.

Suggest going to a motel

Firstly, gauge how she’s feeling.

A) If you’re at the second bar and sensing she is already keen, do a little more kissing then suggest going to a motel.

B) If she seems interested but she’s refraining a little then suggest going to a third spot. On the way pull her in for a good passionate kiss. At the third spot have a couple more drinks, more kissing and touching then ask what she wants to do next.

She will most likely say “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Respond with, “I don’t know, go to a motel.”

She will do her little pretend act of “Oh really” while secretly thinking the same thing.

Say to her, “Yeah, why not? You’re gorgeous, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you in the messages and I like spending time with you, but I don’t want the night to end just yet, so let’s go to a motel.”

Be safe

I’m not talking about using a rubber, I’m talking about not getting drugged!

Colombia is a country where you always need to be cautious. Some guys actually get drugged in the bedroom. On more than one occasion I was told stories of women putting drugs on their nipples! The guy sucks on them, soon falls asleep and then the woman robs him of everything.

The best thing to do is to always be in control of the situation. Suggest a nearby love motel and never go to some random place with a woman you don’t know.

Here is an example of a love motel close to Parque Lleras, which is the popular place for foreigners to go out drinking in Medellin.


Sex on the first date is only 4 mins away

This is how close the love motel is to Parque Lleras

(I’ll write a post another time with a list of other love motels to use in Medellin.)

The best fuck she’s EVER had

The first time you sleep with her you need to give a PB performance. Give her the full 5 star treatment. Kissing, stroking, sucking, licking and fucking. It needs to be your best performance. Do this and she will gladly come back for seconds anytime you suggest.


The best thing to do is to go on A LOT of dates with Colombian women. The more you do so the more you’ll understand them, sense the situation and know whether to push for sex straight up or play it cool before going for some naked fun.
Until next time, Happy Colombian Hunting

PS – if you’re a guy with some or a lot of experience with Colombian women then share your knowledge, stories and techniques in the comments section. The best I’ll post in the Archive Of Conquests