Landing in Medellin and seeing all the Colombian women I was like a virgin walking through the Playboy Mansion, I didn’t know where to look without blowing my built-up load of excitement.

You may think that playing the gringo card is going to get your dick sucked, but you need more than that. You need a bit of game.

Arriving in this country already having a good foundation of what works with women will make it easier for you to convert strangers into lovers.

Building upon the points covered in the last post, let’s keep laying down the foundations to get you laid…

Some times for reasons unknown, the stars align, heaven and earth become one and you encounter a woman with whom you have a natural connection. There is some unseen bond between you and I hope you’ve packed protection because it’s going to happen.

But what to do when there isn’t that natural connection?

Give her the sense there is by focusing on things you have in common. Ask questions about her and you when find things in common, focus on those topics and go more in-depth about them.

If you look in the dictionary the definition of confidence is “belief in oneself”. This is hugely important to Colombian women as they want to be with a man, not a boy.

One night while in a bar with my brother I noticed a woman who had this gorgeous face, a hot body and sexy eyes. I watched as 3 guys in a row tried to go and chat her up and she rejected all of them in the blink of an eye. She was so crushing in the way she did it no other sober man was game to approach her… I decided I would.

As I walked towards her I could feel the eyes of every man in the club staring at me, waiting to see if I was about to be shut down before I could even finish the first word.

I had confidence to approach her in front of everyone, I had confidence when I spoke to her, I had confidence, and I spent the rest of the night with her.

Bed girl 5

Not all gorgeous women are porn stars in the bedroom

She ended up being a starfish as the most she moved in the bedroom was when she blinked her eyes, but that’s beside the point.

Having balls will see you having success!

In the approach and when talking to a woman be confident and expect a yes. What you are thinking in your mind will be projected in your body and she will pick up on that.

We often fear the criticism of what others might say to us, we even fear the criticism of what others might only think! Forget about the opinion of everyone else and in doing so you will rise above the pack.

If you’re a salesman and you’re good at your job then you probably have the gift of the gab. Instead of taking a sales course you can do this one easy thing, ask questions.

The thing people love to talk about most is themselves. Ask questions about her and then ask her questions based on her answers. This will make her feel you’re interested in her, but mostly importantly it will make her feel relaxed and that it’s easy to talk to you. You feel most comfortable speaking in your native tongue and so does she, therefore, you’ll find her speaking more if you’re doing so in Spanish.

I’ve left the most important till last. Practice. It’s one thing to read, it’s another thing to actually to put it into practice. Start by getting a haircut, start by smiling at that gorgeous Colombian woman who glances at you, start by having the confidence to approach her and start by practicing your Spanish with her.

You don’t need to do all of the points perfectly, focus on two that you feel comfortable with and practice them. Which two are best? Like us guys, Colombian women want to get naked with someone they think is attractive. Working on your appearance and incorporating one of the personality traits is the golden ticket that will grant you entry into the Colombian pearly gates.

Until next time, Happy Colombian Hunting