You’ve met a hot Colombian women and you’ve got her number. Now turn those wet dreams into reality by messaging her and arranging a date.

To text message a Colombian woman and set up a date it’s quite easy, though there is one sticking point, Spanish isn’t your mother tongue.

Follow the following points to get yourself one step closer to her hidden wet treasure.

The language barrier

To overcome the language barrier download the Google Translate app for Android or iPhone. This will allow you to not only chat with women that don’t speak English, it’s also a good chance for you to practice your Spanish.

Another good app to download is Whatsapp as you’ll find most people in Colombia prefer to message via this app.

To arrive at your goal of getting between her legs you’ve got two options with your messages:

1. Play it safe and plan to do the work on the date that will see you getting into her pants later,
2. Do the work in the text messages so that when the date arrives, all you basically do is have one token drink then you’re off to the nearest bedroom to experience the latina love.

Option 1 is easy, it’s just general conversation getting to know each other. Be sure to ask her questions based on the things she says and to get her to elaborate on certain things to show you’re interested.

Option 2 is more tricky and can take some practice to be able to do it well. This takes a bit of explaining on the crafting and wording to use so I’ll save this for another post. For now let’s focus on you playing the safety card and go with option 1.

When writing messages and arranging a date keep the following points in mind:

Think with your brain and not your cock

If you haven’t had sex in a while then go clear that ball sack so you can think with a clear head before you start firing off messages


Text example 2

Ask questions… but not this type

Ask questions

Sounds simple yet so many guys fail to do this and wonder why women stop replying. With every message you send you must give her a question to respond to. (The exception is if you’re chatting back and forth in a conversation.)

Don’t reply straight away

If she messages be calm and message her back when it suits you a couple of hours later, no one likes desperation. (Again, the exception is if you’re chatting back and forth in a conversation.)

Strike while the iron is hot

If you met on Tuesday plan for Friday. Two to three days later is good as you don’t have to pour lots of time over an extended period into the messages. Leaving it a week or more and the flames can die down.

Arrange to meet late for drinks

Women will gladly meet you for a coffee in the day but good luck trying to convert that into sex. A few drinks late in the evening will give you the best chance of getting her naked.

One thing that is ok to do in Colombia is to meet quite late. Suggest meeting at 9:00 pm. There are several reasons for this:

1. It gives her time to get home from work and get ready.
2. She is unlikely to want to eat late meaning you only meet for drinks.
3. It’s late enough that on a Friday and Saturday night the atmosphere in the bar around this time will be good enticing her to stay longer… and the longer she stays the better your chances of getting her into your bed.

The following are a few ideas of where to meet for drinks in some of the main cities:
Medellin – Parque Lleras in El Poblado or Calle 60 in Laureles
Bogota – La Zona T or Parque 93
Cartagena – Getsemani or Centro Historico

Remember these steps:
• don’t message when you’re hornier than a dog on heat
• keep the conversation going by asking questions
• arrange to meet late for drinks

Now that you’ve met her, got her number and set up a date you’re half way there. In my next post I’ll tell you how to go on the date and have it turn out to be a night to remember.

Until then, Happy Colombian Hunting