Trying to fuck a fatty the same way as a gymnast isn’t going to work. You can overlap the principles but you need to adjust your technique.

Likewise, you need to adjust how you approach a Colombian woman compared to Western women.

It took me several weeks and a few failed attempts to figure out what I was doing wrong, yet the answer is incredibly easy.

To clearly illustrate just how to adjust your technique I’ll compare the same situation but in two different countries.

If I was in a gym in Australia and I see a hot woman I like:
– The first day maybe we just exchange a few glances.
– The second time I see her we give each other a few knowing glances and I casually say hi and some small talk but no conversation.
– The third time I see her I say hi and we have a quick chat, I suggest we meet up and I ask for her number.

This all seems like a smooth, logical and respectful approach to meeting a women, yes, but with western women that is. In Colombia it’s different.

How to you change your style? There are two magic words you need to learn and to implement, Be Direct.

You see her - You like her - You talk to her

You see her – You like her – You talk to her

If I was in a gym in Colombia and I see a hot woman I like:
– We exchange a few glances and from there I go up and talk to her, ask her name and tell her to give me her number.

Just like that. No fucking around. Straight to the point. You see her – you like her – you talk to her and you Tell her to give you her number.

This is exactly what to say:
You: Hola, qué tal?
Her: Bien, y tu?
You: Bien gracias. Soy Ben (and put your hand out to shake hers)
Her: Soy Catalina
You: Eres muy bonita, tienes novio?
Her: No
You: Entonces dame tu numero.

In English the above conversation would be:
You: Hi, how’s it going?
Her: Good, and you?
You: Good thanks. I’m Ben (and put your hand out to shake hers)
Her: I’m Catalina
You: You’re really gorgeous… do you have a boyfriend?
Her: No
You: Well then give me your number.

If she’s been giving you some signals she’s probably going to give you her number.  I never had a woman in this situation say no.

If the unlikely occurs and she says no, ask why and then respond with a solution. For example, if she says she doesn’t know you then say, “Yes, but if you give me your number we can get to know each other…”

Women here expect men to be straight, they expect you to make the move and to be direct, that is what they are use to. If you fuck around when she’s giving you signals that she likes you she’ll think you don’t have balls.

If a women looks at you for more than the normal one second glance and holds your eyes then that is the time to act. Walk straight up like a man, be bold and be a little cocky, give her a look like you think she’s hot without having to say the words and get her number.

Be Direct. Be more direct than a sailer headed for a whore house on shore leave.

Colombian women - porn stars in the bedroom

Colombian women – porn stars in the bedroom

I have talked to many western women I know and told them how it is here and they said they wouldn’t be happy with a guy doing that. But you aren’t going after western women, you’re going after hot Colombians who fuck so well in the bedroom it’s like they’re natural born porn stars!

It may feel a little uncomfortable at first because it isn’t our custom, but the more you do it the more natural it will feel. Eventually you will start to think why weren’t you more direct with women in the past?!

Now that you’ve got her number, in my next post I’ll tell you what to say in your text messages to get you closer to that patch of heaven between her legs.

Until then, Happy Colombian Hunting

PS – if you’re a guy with some or a lot of experience with Colombian women then share your knowledge, stories and techniques in the comments section. The best will be posted in the Archive Of Conquests