When anyone thinks of Colombia they usually think of two things, cocaine and beautiful women. I have no interest in drugs, but I certainly love hot women! So it was no surprise that as I touched down in Colombia I couldn’t stop thinking of how I was going to meet lots of these goddesses of beauty.

Surprisingly I discovered that hardly any fellow travellers were doing very well with the local talent. I was determined to crack the code so I set about learning what works with Colombian women.

Over a period of 5 months I had a great time meeting many gorgeous women and learnt many things. I came to realise that Colombian women aren’t hard to pick up, you just have to adjust how you do things.

Along the way I met many guys who also wanted to experience the Latina loving so I shared with them what works. This blog is here so that you too can get on the path to success with a step-by-step blue print to see you meeting more Colombianas than Charlie Sheen does hookers.

Good luck, and as the blog name suggests, Happy Colombian Hunting!