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How to pick up Colombian women

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Sex on the first date

Women love sex just as much as us men, they’re just a little more discreet about it.

In Colombia women are horny and will gladly have sex on the first date, they just don’t want to feel too easy or slutty about it.

To get them to put out on the first date there are is a simple process to follow to get you some Colombian style “sexual healing”.
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Arranging a date with a Colombian woman

You’ve met a hot Colombian women and you’ve got her number. Now turn those wet dreams into reality by¬†messaging her and arranging a date.

To text message a Colombian woman and set up a date it’s quite easy, though there is one sticking point, Spanish isn’t your mother tongue.

Follow the following points to get yourself one step closer to her hidden wet treasure.
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The 5 Best Cities in Colombia to Pick Up

When you head home from your trip to Colombia you want to return with a good story for the boys. They are going to want to hear about the wild, sex crazed Colombian woman who left nail marks down your back so deep it looks like you were attacked on your jungle tour.

To have the best chance with the Colombian women, head to these 5 Colombian cities to see that your cock spends more time out of your pants than in!
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